Video: Landing a New Job in a Pandemic

Spilling the tea with JWI and 'Intern Queen' Lauren Berger

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Earlier this year, in the midst of my own intense job search, I was invited to speak to a group of young professionals in the Jewish Women International’s Young Leadership Network. The topic? Navigating the virtual job search.

I wondered: “Can I really offer advice when I’m just figuring this out myself?” Turns out, I had a lot to say.

TL;DR: It’s time to get creative.

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4:49 - What the new employment landscape looks like

7:00 - How to work with a potential resume “gap” (and why I think that’s a misnomer)

9:07 - My video interview best practices (+ my recent slip-up)

14:35 - How to ace a recorded video response

17:40 - Boosting your LinkedIn profile when you need a job ASAP

21:20- Is this the right time to go back to school? (SO many people have asked me this!)

24:00 - When to reconnect with a company whose hiring is on hold

27:00- The best way to start making connections on LinkedIn

29:05 - Marketing yourself on LinkedIn as a new grad

32:47 - Getting the most out of an informational interview

36:30 - Why you should take that virtual internship

46:44 - When to start applying for jobs as a rising college senior